Remedial Massage

Cliff and Ruth from Edge therapies serve our clientele at Gym on Grimshaw. The service offered is always professional and their clientele are always happy with the treatment they receive. Better than that- They also get great results!

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Remedial Massage Therapist

RUTH holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne as well as a Diploma of Remedial Massage and a certificate in Bowen therapy. Her experience as a scientist and further qualifications in health therapies are evidence of her commitment to good health. Since 2003, her exceptional massage skills have been sought on numerous occasions by the Australian Women’s Hockey teams at both the Victorian state and National levels. Whether you need to address specific conditions or just want to relax and unwind from everyday’s stresses in life, Ruth will strive to give you the best massage to answer your specific needs. Her outstanding hands-on skills and experience in sports massage will positively contribute to achieving your health and fitness goals.



Remedial Massage Therapist

Clifford graduated with a Bachelor of Economics and Accounting from the University of Adelaide and has worked at in the business sector for 20 years. He wanted a change in career into more meaningful employment where he could make a positive contribution to people’s lives and well-being. After studying Remedial Massage at Victoria University, Cliff was recruited as Remedial Massage Therapist and Sports Trainer for the “State Women’s Hockey Team” and the “Victorian Country Hockey Team” tournaments in 2017. His unique style of massage combines proven remedial massage techniques with energy medicine to give you a safe, comfortable and beneficial massage experience. He is thus able to reduce pain significantly, improve functionality, speed up recovery from injuries, boost up your energy levels and give you the freedom to do the things you love.


Cliff and Ruth both offer a very warm and welcoming environment.


You need to be able to relax for them to be able to do their job at ease and obtain results for you.

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Our gym is dedicated to delivering our members results. We are very aware of the benefits that massage therapy offers. We are pleased to offer it as a part of our service.

I’ve been at Gym On Grim for several years now and i honestly can’t see myself training anywhere else. The friendliness and willingness to help of all the staff makes for a really pleasant atmosphere. Can’t argue with the rates either. Would highly recommend to anyone happy to listen

Danny Yates

After joining GOG over 12mths ago, I’ve really turned my life around. I thought because I had an active job that was enough exercise for me. I was always tired and had little motivation to exercise. I now work out 5 days a week doing cardio and strength fitness , it’s my favourite part of the day. The change in my overall strength, fitness and mindset had encouraged me to keep working harder and never give up. I have to thank Dave and Gavin for all their support, I’m always greeted with a smile and hello, they offer on going advice and always willing to help out. Dave offers various different seminars and is always posting inspirational quotes, it’s a really family environment Tania

Tania Plant

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